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Leading Now supports superintendents and system leaders to navigate political complexity and strengthen public trust as they advance their commitment to all students.

About Us

K-12 superintendents — over 13,000 nationally – serve as a critical bridge spanning principals, teachers, parents, school boards, and community groups. Leading Now focuses on strategic communications and public engagement to strengthen system leaders’ effectiveness and better position all adults in the education environment to focus on student opportunities and outcomes.


  • As a new superintendent, I knew I needed to develop my communication and organizational development skills. The entire experience, and the detailed time used to develop trust with the group, was refreshing, reinvigorating, and exactly what I needed to tackle the challenges in my school district.

    Laura Jacob, Ed.D., Superintendent, California Area School District (PA)

  • Great opportunity to establish connections and learn from others across the country realizing that while we come from differing places and differing organizational structures, we have far more in common than we may realize. 

    Diane Kornegay, Lake County (FL)

  • This is the place to seek advice from reputable colleagues. You will leave stronger and ready to confront your challenge.

    Zipporah Hightower, Skokie School District 73.5 (IL)

  • Just do it! You won’t regret it! You need this; we need this!

    Monique Felder, Orange County (NC)

  • This is a safe environment that promotes critical thinking, best practices, and real shared experiences. All of which can validate your current efforts or give you a new way of thinking.

    Dr. James Gray, Jefferson Parish Schools (LA)

  • You should join. The cohort will help you improve communication, messaging, and relationships with stakeholders.

    Tricia McManus, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County (NC)

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Leading Now is a dynamic community for superintendents and system leaders like you to connect and learn from each other as you advance student-centered priorities and rally public support.

Our Beliefs

Public Education

Our democracy depends on public schools to prepare the next generation of engaged, independent thinkers.

Common Ground

Shared values help keep the focus on student learning and away from politics.

School Systems Leaders

They carry a profound responsibility on their shoulders and deserve the highest quality support in a trusting community.